Welcome to my Lessons Page

Here you can read about my unique and innovative approach to music education.


I can teach you how to play the Steel Drums, Piano, Latin Percussion, Vibes & Marimbas as well as Music Theory and Performance.

My approach to teaching has always been influenced by my experience playing several different patterns of steel pans and relating those patterns to the piano keyboard.
With the steel drums there are many different patterns you can play. Some are more logically laid out than others. The Double Tenor pattern is the instrument that I have been playing for several decades. Among all of the patterns in the standard steel orchestra, the double tenors are the most illogical. With the double tenor pattern you are not able to change keys by simply moving position and applying the same formula as a guitar player would by moving up or down the fretboard. This 'random' pattern has actually been good for me because it has forced me to apply theoretical principles of music to the instrument and not just physical patterns. As a result, while my pattern may require more effort to play in other keys, it has also created a situation where I am required to obey certain musical principles first and physical tendencies second. My approach with students is to first get a feel for what their goals are and what they want to do with their music. Perhaps they want to learn a particular song. Perhaps they want to learn how to improvise or read music. If it's a particular song I usually get the sheet music or a recording and then begin teaching the student the piece. I will use background tracks sometimes so that the student hears how the song is supposed to sound with accompaniment. This is also a lot of fun. Music theory and harmony are also a big focus in my lessons. I approach teaching with sensitivity and patience. I love to watch students begin to understand how wonderful and inspiring playing steel drums, vibes, and piano can be. I believe that playing these instruments can be very therapeutic especially for students with disabilities or cognitive impairment, I have taught students of all ages and skill levels. My experience working on the staff at The Grace Institute has been instrumental in furthering my training in modern techniques with regard to conflict resolution and issues regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.